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Writing a story within a story

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Has anyone every tried to write a story within another story?


I am trying to think of what I mean but basically, you have one story going completely independent of another story with its own cast and plot which appear completely seperate but are actually linked. 


Time Travelers Wife is a one example but the central character links to the two. I am reworking the Blossom Hill Bk1 story so that it has another important story which impacts on the other books. The link between the two stories is a mother and daughter. 


If you have what were the pluses and minus of doing it that way? 



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I have an idea kind of like that, but I haven't worked on it much yet. Although, I don't think it would be considered "a story within a story". More like two main characters who don't cross paths until much later.


It's a challenge, but I think writing this way can make certain stories a lot richer, since you see two very different realities and stories until they converge later on.

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Been working on this all afternoon and not getting anywhere.


In one way the present plot for BK1 outline does link into book 2 & 3 so there is an over arching story to the series.


The reason I am considering putting an additional story within Book 1 is that there are events later on which affect other characters who are not in Bk1 but are in the other books. It is do with timelines. Book 1 takes place in 1976, Book 2 & 3 2019 so there is a big gap. The other major event that affects everyone happens in 1999. 


I don't want to write another novel between Bks 1 & 2 so was thinking of a way I could either tell the 1976 & 1999 stories in the same book but maybe in tandem. (Can't use diaries as I used that in Sphinx series). 


Am I over complicating things? I am worried the gap between 1976 & 2019 is to big (a generation).


Just to clarify - 'Hannah' is Book 2. BK 3 follows on from it. A lot of the backstory in BK2 is about 1999 event but then in BK 3 both 1979 & 1999 are resolved. 

Oh, the joy of plotting.😀 

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Having a story within a story always makes things more interesting for the reader. 


I've only done it in picture books--a different story shown in pictures than the text.


You also sort of see it in series, where there is an overriding story arc and then each book in the series has it's own complete story that moves the series forward.


Best of luck with this. It's a great goal!


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You can see it also in those disaster movies; the individual backstories are given prior to all the people ending up in the same plane, train, avalanche, etc. disaster....

I really don't know how they keep you oriented to all the different people. But, that's Hollywood....

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