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She had waited too long


The dress that was white and flowing 
Was now stained and torn
The hem ripped and stepped upon


Her face once full of joy
Was streaked with tears
Her hair once smooth and without tangle 
Was now knotted and without form


Her eyes once clear and full of promise
Were downcast and empty
Her gaze met only her feet
Calloused and swollen


Her heart once leapt at His thought
Now beat in trepidation
Her breath once eager to meet His
Now caught in shallow hesitation


It was her wedding day


He could not wait to see her
As he stepped from the silence
His gait was sure
As he reached for her chin


He raised her gaze to meet His
And waited with expectation
As her eyes found His
And they began the transformation


He smiled warmly
His eyes held all emotion
He awakened her gaze
Her stare dawned with expectation


He moved his hands to her shoulders
Her dress straightened and was glowing 
Her tear stained cheeks now rosy
As her heart filled to overflowing


The Bridegroom kept His promise
And never kept the pain she carried
He simply swept the pain away
Never to be remembered


It is our wedding day

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Wow, I enjoyed this poem! As Leah already said, you provided splendid imagery. I can see how you're showing me that we as the church wait and wait for so long but tend to lose hope, until one day He comes. Praise God for that day!! 😄

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