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Great idea for selling more books

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this is an email i received from jon acuff. great idea! i'm sorry it's all stuck together. not up to fixing it. this is not meant as an ad for his books from me. but the idea behind it.



Author Jon Acuff


If you haven’t tried this reading trick yet, you’re missing out!

I learned to read when I was 6 years old living in Durham, North Carolina. That same year, we moved to Ipswich, Massachusetts which meant I added the word “wicked” to my vocabulary. E.G. “The Sox are wicked stacked this year!”

I’m 45 years old now which means I’ve read books for 39 years and yet, I recently learned a simple reading trick that changed my life.

One day, my father-in-law told me that in order to finish all the leadership books his company had him read, he would get both the print version of the book AND the audio version. Then, he’d set the speed of the audio to 1.5x (because you always read faster than the narrator) and crack open the print version to read along with the audiobook.

Now, in addition to getting the visual version of the book, he got the audio version of the book at the same time which made the content stick even better.

Game changing.

I started doing this with non-fiction and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to single source content again.

But Jon, isn’t that expensive? How extra are you? (My teenagers told me that’s not a good thing.) What are you Scrooge McDuck other there in Nashville with multiple copies of the same book? Must be nice.

I hear you, I do, but I’ve got some great news.

If you want to test this double approach to reading, I’ll give you my entire audiobook for free if you order the print or digital copy by midnight on April 5.

Try it out with me.

Order a copy of Soundtracks from any retailer and then fill out the quick form at soundtracksbook.com.

I’ll send you the audiobook for free (and a bunch of other bonuses) and then about a week later, you’ll send me a thank you note.

Please avoid the temptation to make a, “Dear Jon” joke, but just know that you’re going to love doubling down on books so much that it will be nearly impossible not to express your appreciation.

It will change how you read, I promise.

Want to try?

Pre-order a copy of Soundtracks before midnight on April 5, fill out a quick form at soundtracksbook.com and I’ll send you the audiobook.

Can’t wait to see what you think!


Pre-Order Soundtracks

When you pre-order Soundtracks Book you'll get...

  • The FULL Audio Book, read by Jon himself.
  • An Exclusive Video Segment from Jon
  • A Signed Book Plate from Jon
  • Bonus Chapter from Soundtracks


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Thanks, Lynn! I'm already planning on producing an audio book for my Bible study and this method would work great, especially if I can host it for free. Now I want to check out the website he's using.

BTW I think this is going to be a lot more powerful for nonfiction, but if you have a fancy version of the story that turns it into theater of the mind even more, I can see it working.

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I have done this technique for a while with books I need to “study.”  My mind wanders when strictly reading so having the audio helps keep my mind from wandering. I can’t highlight well with the audio so I will highlight in the printed book while listening and reading along. 

For books I want to read through but not necessarily study, I will listen only. 

Acuff is great. I am glad he recommended this style. I thought I was a little OCD with it. 

Thanks for sharing. 

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5 hours ago, Floyd Gary Pierce said:

My mind wanders when strictly reading so having the audio helps keep my mind from wandering.

You should consider doing them for your children's books. Kids love auto books. Plus, it also helps the kids who have dyslexia—just an idea. 🙂

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