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Shining Midnight (Written recently)

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In the cold, clear calm of midnight

When the stars blaze in the heavens

When the moon’s riding high

In the translucent sky

And the earth is swallowed in light,


When tree branches cease their sighing,

Living things as the stones, are still;

But the night is astir,

With celestial luster:

Were light sound, night would be singing.


Vastness, like water, deep and whist

Frothed by the moon and flecked with stars:

The sky a silver swirl,

The moon a milk-washed pearl,

And the stars a glittering mist.


But once, before the moon arose,

The earth was dark and menacing:

Things alive, full of fear,

With dark intent roamed here

Sin-like shadows, grim and morose.


And in the clear calm of midnight,

I stand and contemplate the One

Whose fingers fashioned this;

Who has, like moonlight’s kiss,

Risen to make the darkness light.

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5 minutes ago, Grey_Skies said:

This is amazingly beautiful.  Wonderful job!  How do you write such smooth, lovely poetry?

Thank you so much!!! I don't have a how. I just feel it. I have since I was a little girl, I think.

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