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More than you might think.

EtS has a kind of "deadline". Our family friend who's helping me with it here (in my area of the world, in other words) asked me about it today. I haven't written in it for real in some time, but that encouraged me to do something about it. Meaning if you don't mind brainstorming with me some....

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OK. Here's the basic summary (the words I use change sometimes, but the idea/premise stays the same):


Ruth Simmons runs away from a life in a home where cruelty reigns supreme. Peter isn't her birth father, but he is the one who's been taking care of her since she was small. Her mother married him not long after Ruth was born, seeing as her real father died in an accident (this could change).


Running for her life isn't exaggerating, since Peter has been known to mistreat her and her mother, Cheryl, for many years. Ruth thinks she's made a clean getaway, but soon finds herself in the midst of a terrible, violent storm, making her wish she stayed where she could be dry and safe.


She's knocked out by a falling branch, losing consciousness for many hours. When she wakes up it's to find herself dry and warm ... in a stranger's house. The room is fairly clean, with a few female knickknacks set up around the room she's currently in.


This is where the trouble begins. It's where I lose more focus of what I want to write. Thankfully I have a friend who helped me with the plotting part, but I still have some trouble with it. I'll share a few pictures of the diagram soon.

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Kathleen Summers listened surreptitiously as her father spoke on the phone. Being downstairs wasn't all bad, she thought again as she strained somewhat to hear him. He may not be speaking as loudly as he usually did, but it wasn't too difficult to make out his words in the quiet of her office.


"Robert. Robert, just tell me what's going on. Why do you sound as if anger and panic are the only two emotions you can--." Kathleen strained, hoping to hear more, but the cell phone wasn't on speakerphone and she couldn't hear what her brother was saying. The heavy silence from upstairs informed her, however, that it was somewhat serious.


Perhaps I shouldn't be eavesdropping right now, she admitted inwardly. Turning back to her computer she tried concentrating on the story file she'd been writing in when her father took the call.


"What?! Robert, how could you....? Her father's voice came again, almost exploding as he vented his astonishment before fading once more. Kathleen tried very hard to keep her focus on the file showing on her computer's screen, but her father's words one level above her sparked her curiosity. Even though she couldn't really hear them. Even if she'd get into trouble for [eavesdropping].

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