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Teardrops in the Rain

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Wrote this in November as part of my year challenge for poetry writing. I'd love feedback!



~Lamentations 3:33~


With a pattering splash on the windowpane

Like sliding teardrops falls the rain,

While the winds in sympathy shriek and sigh

And the branches shudder to and fro,

Shedding swiftly or dropping slow:

Tears for a world that is broken so!

He made the earth and shaped the sky—

With His handiwork weeping, does Jesus cry?


 A burning, a torturous, throbbing pain,

Sears through the course of every vein,

Her body grows weaker with every sigh,

While like needles it stabs to her very bone

And matches her gasping, moan for moan.

From dried-out lips escapes a groan;

In restless darkness she lies alone.

He too was a man who would groan and sigh,

Who felt our pain—does Jesus cry?


The glare of the streetlights, shining stark,

Wet on the asphalt, sticky and dark

With blood, like Abel’s, that calls to the sky

To witness this horror, with silent dread

At the sight of the man who is lying dead,

The thought of the innocent blood that has bled,

And the sound of the tears his mother will shed!

Just so He would suffer, so even die:

Murdered by men—does Jesus cry?


Alone there sits in a twilight room

A man, enclosed in thoughts of gloom,

In the knowledge that someday he must die,

And his memory clinging to someone dear.

Drowned by an ocean of grief and fear,

Hoping that somehow Someone will hear,

And pity a life, empty and drear.

He, as a man, would in loneliness lie

Who wept for our grief—does Jesus still cry?


He who numbers the drops of rain

Knows our misery, feels our pain.

He hears our bitter, aching sighs,

And holds our tears in the palm of His hand.

Who shapes every trial he will send—

His hand in ours is the hand of a Friend.

Who counts the stars and weighs the sand,

The God who with power created the skies,

Has tears for out sorrow and grief for our cries.

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If you'd like feedback on this poem, I'd suggest putting it in the Critique and Feedback forum. This club focuses mainly on reading poems. 🙂


Just be sure to leave two critiques for every one critique that you post.


This is a powerful poem though!

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1 hour ago, Grey_Skies said:

Whoa, this is stunning.  I love writing poetry, and I was majorly impressed by this.  It's powerfully written, and yet comforting.  Wonderful job! ❤️

Yay, thanks! It was genuine when I wrote it, and I think it shows. Ah, thank you so much!

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