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What Does It Mean To Be Free?

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Hi everyone,


Please check out my Christian non-fiction book, which was published through Draft2Digital, called What Does It Mean To Be Free?


This book talks about the meaning of being free, and how you can be truly free in God.


I would be delighted if you would even take the time to read this Christian non-fiction book that I wrote.


Thank you so much.


God Bless!


What Does It Mean To Be Free? | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (books2read.com)



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     The best definition of freedom I've ever heard, was spoken in the late 1960s by the pastor of the church I was then attending.

     He said, "Freedom is not being able to get away with anything.  People who think that way don't get away for long.  True freedom is self control.  If you can't control yourself, others will eventually control you." 

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Hi @William D'Andrea,


That is an interesting quote.


Thank you for sharing that.


I agree with that quote.


As children of God, there are instructions on how to live a godly life (written in the Bible) that we have to follow, but yet God gives us true freedom. This freedom is something that this world cannot give because the freedom that God gives is pure, and untainted.

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