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If you want to put your short stories on your website...

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...you have to do it the right way . Here's a good article from Web Design Relief:


As the literary world becomes more and more connected online, an author website is a great way for short story writers to share their work with readers and publishing industry insiders. But it’s very important to know the RIGHT way to showcase your short stories online.


You may be excited to share your short stories online, but Web Design Relief has one very important caveat that you must not ignore: If you want to get a story published by a literary journal, do NOT put the entire story on your author website. If you do, that story is now considered published. It doesn’t matter that it’s your own website. It doesn’t matter that only three people read it online and one was your aunt Tilly. If it’s on your author website, congratulations—the story is officially published, and most editors do not want previously published work.


How To Safely Feature Your Short Stories Online


Here are three ways you can post your short stories online without annoying literary editors:

Post only short stories written specifically for your online audience. These are stories that you do not intend to submit to literary journals for publication.


Post short stories that have already been published. Once the rights revert back to you, you can post a story on your author website that has already been published. Be sure to give credit to the literary journal that first published your story. You can also post a link that will take your visitors to the online magazine where your short story appears. In fact, whenever you have a new story appearing in a journal, posting a link on your author website and social media is a great way to cross-promote!


Post an excerpt from your short story. An excerpt (a few sentences or one paragraph) can act as a great teaser to build interest in your short story.


*click to read the rest.

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Thanks, Lynn! That's not only informative, but it's a great example of how to build a platform. Though they're not authors per se, they do have a platform to promote their business, and giving away stuff that's free and interesting is just the kind of examples we need to follow as writers.

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