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Happy birthday, Claire Tucker!

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(I would have added a cake but I'm too lazy to search for a picture of one on the Web at this time)

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@Claire Tucker If any particular person on CW has a birthday or a glorious occasion worth a scrumptuous cake, you must be quite aware of the fact that they shall be generously spoiled until their abodes burst forth with all of the sweet treats bestowed upon them and their posterity.


Why I chose to speak in such eloquent manner shall never be discovered, as I shall now retreat to my toilet (fancy for grooming) and finish uplifting my physical being for church.

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@Ky_GirlatHeart it truly is refreshing to discover another proficient in expressing oneself fully with the English language. It is a beauty rare in these modern times of minimalist expressions that many elect to utilize when communicating their ideas. And I trust that you had an uplifting time at church 🙂


And I am exceptionally grateful to all here on CW who lavish such extradinary sweet things so freely on the slightest reason for celebration. It is one of the many reasons why this community is home 😊

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@Claire Tucker Nah, I just speak like that sometimes thanks to all the books I've read. Sometimes I wonder if teenagers can even relate to what I say because I tend to speak in words that they can't understand. Lol!

Then there's the one toddler who doesn't care if I accidentally speak a long sentence and will eventually register it.

And yes, church was definitely uplifting!


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