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A List of Christian Authors to Aspire to Join

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What I find intriguing about these writers is how diverse their writing is. They are all novelists, but some are realistic, some so strange I know I wouldn't enjoy them, many are not happy stories. In fact, I don't see Jannette Oke or any of the modern women's fiction writers in the list. 

It's refreshing to be reminded being a "Christian" author is far more about our worldview than any particular way to build a story. We all get to be ourselves, we just start with an undercurrent of morality and destiny the secular mind cannot substantiate.



I’m always on the lookout for something new to read or watch or listen to. That’s why, in the last chapter of my new book, Discovering God Through the Arts, I provide many such lists that might prove interesting and helpful for the spiritual searcher. Here is an expanded version of one list: 25 great novelists who reflect on Christian faith through their work.

As you read through my picks, please understand I am not arguing these are the very best 25. I’m only doing what the title suggests—list 25 novelists who are worth your time and exploration. If I’ve left off some of your favorites, I’d love to hear your recommendations. 

I hope some of these will be new to you and spark a fruitful journey into theologically rich literature.



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I would add Catherine Fox. A British writer who lime Susan Horwich, write about Anglican priest. Her Litchfield series is very good. 


Nice to Evelyn Waugh in the list and Jane Austin. 

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