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Hasty Generalization--with A Happy Ending

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Judge not.   For a purpose.   I have been contributing to suggested Spanish-English translations on one of the top translator service websites on the globe.   It's fun, in that people from all sorts of specialties and interests post questions about how to translate such and such a phrase, word, etc.


Those submitting suggested translations are called "peers".   Peers can make visible critiques of another's input.    The moderators of the discussion, clearly experts, assess the inputs and then declare someone's translation as optimal and explain why.   The assigned moderator to a question can also email each suggester with usually a further explanation for the choice they made.   This morning, I got one of the those feedback emails.


The courtesy email informed all that Person "X" made the best suggestion.   So far, so good.   But at the bottom was a comment that flustered me:   "Clearly, Non-Pro".    That bothered me, "I'm a Non-Pro, huh?"   I wanted to email back to the moderator, but the email said "Do not reply".     I thought, "What a bunch a nerve that guy has!"  


To get a better grip on the matter, I logged back onto the website to look at the whole discussion, from the initiator's question, to all the suggestions, and finally the moderator's comments.   There was one final remark by the moderator, addressed to a specific suggester/user name.    "I agree.  Clearly, Non-Pro."     The moderator had agreed with a user named "Non-Pro".   


I, uh, didn't feel vindicated.   Sort of embarrassed.   No one will know--except a few select here 🙂

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