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(is it alright if I put this here?)

This is a line from a lullaby I wrote tonight. My sister thought it read differently than it was supposed to. How do you read it?


God o'erhead is watching,

and he will you keep.


Does the second line read as "God will keep you" or "you will keep God"?


Post your answers below. 🙂

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I'll agree with everyone else here. I might add that this may be a case where you'll want to consider your audience in your wording choices.


People of my generation will have been exposed to this kind of grammar usage enough to be able to parse it without much thought. (No, nobody actually spoke that way, but we did see it, from time to time...) We really don't see this kind of unconventional usage much today in the modern culture, and I'm guessing that the younger the audience, the more difficulty with it.

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4 hours ago, Zee said:

Same, but is the unconventional phrasing necessary? 


“God o’erhead is watching

And He will keep you safe,” 


flows just as well in my opinion.

The reason I did that order was because keep rhymed with a word in the very first line which I did not post. 

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