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Emotionally Mature Parenting in To Kill a Mockingbird (spoilers, explicit language)

Message added by Johne,

Hey, it's Johne. After discussion with the other Mods, I've blurred the screenshots for the text in this post. The points made by the quotes are important and relevant, but replicating the racial slurs themselves in toto (in their entirety) are not necessary in order to understand those points, and goes against site policy for posting slurs / profanity.

These quotes are reflective of a specific place and time, and while they do make an important point, we can still get the point across without explicit replication. There are two ways around this:

  • one can manually type the phrase and use symbols to censor text (a common method from back in the day)
  • one can use a screenshoot app to blur the OCR of the text (as I've done here)

Either method preserves the impact of the phrase without explicitly reproducing it.

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Yesterday rather sucked, so I went to literature to find something to cheer me up (as one does). I didn’t notice this until today. That Atticus told Scout about why you shouldn’t care when people call you names, because it really reflects their character, not yours. That’s why you should take other people’s insults with grace.




Later on, Atticus would practice what he preached, so when Bob Ewell spat in his face and called him a [redacted]-lover, he took it, because he knew it would probably save the Ewell children a beating or two at home.



Edited by Johne
Edited screenshots to blur racial slurs which were acceptable at one time but are no longer acceptable today.
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