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I am holding a zoom party on March 7th at 7pm EST to celebrate the end of my crowd funding campaign. I'm going to have a guest speaker, an activity, and a little talk about my book.


The activity would be an Internet Treasure Hunt.


Please would you consider being one of ten different authors who write a blog post on you website on Saturday March 6th about secret codes (you can say what you like)? I will provide a picture of the name of a famous Canadian woman in the Aeolian script (specially developed by Travis Williams for Leoshine, Princess Oracle). You would post the picture with your post and tag it "Leoshine Conlang." I've provided a sample so you can see what the script looks like. (Thank you Travis!)  

The crowd funding platform is run by an Alberta Bank and is part of a women's entrepreneur program. March 8th is International Womens' Day. That's why I chose Canadian women to be the "treasures."


 Each blog will post a different picture with a different "treasure."


Attendees who sign up to get updates from Leoshine.MicandPen.com get the cypher early. Maybe even the list of websites. 


I hope this will be an amazing way to showcase other authors. Reply here if you would like to participate with your blog and website! 

Of course you'll get an invitation to the party! Bring your own cookies and cake! 



LEOSHINE Conlang script treatments.jpg

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13 hours ago, kiwigummy said:

What is your book about?

Leoshine is a girl who grows up at the end of one age and becomes a woman in the new. She starts as a princess, goes through slavery and becomes queen. She is given to the invading leader for base uses and he educates her mind. 

It's about rebellion and trying to fit in. The male characters have their own battles to fight. Avram, the leader, is a genius. He has a servant, Resham who takes care of the mundane for him. Resham is divided against himself.

Does that help? I'm excited that you are joining our hunt as a blogger! I'll send details soon!

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I've got six out of the ten bloggers I need! They come from Canada, the US, and Australia! 

Who would like to join us?  One blogger offered a copy of her book as a prize. You would get world wide exposure for your work! 

I also developed this blog post template for you to use: 

Welcome to our Famous Canadian Women Internet Treasure Hunt! We're so glad you're here to play!


You are doing well! You have signed up at Leoshine's and got the key to cracking the code. (If you still need to do that, we'll hold your place here while you do!)


You have found real treasure - one of ten pictures that represent the name of a famous Canadian woman in the Aeolian script specially developed by Travis Williams for the Sci Fi/ Fantasy Leoshine, Princess Oracle.


Your next task is to solve the puzzle, crack the code, and decipher the script to learn which Famous Canadian Woman you have found. Keep track of each name you decode so you can put it in the form that comes at the end.


You get bonus points if you can say where in Canada this wonderful woman lived(s) and did or does her stuff, and what she did or does to make the world a better place.


Once you find all ten treasures, follow the last link to the answers form. If the deadline - March 13th 2021 11:59pm MST - comes before you find all of them, send what you have! Prizes will be announced on March 14th 2021. We're giving away an audiobook of Leoshine, Princess Oracle by N. MacCameron, and an eBook of Discerning Grace by Emma Lombard.

If you play after March 14th 2021, great! There's a prize for you too! Keep playing through to the end!


Thank you for playing! Secret codes are great, aren't they? By following them, you get treasure! You have fun! You meet new people!

Your next treasure island link is _______________________

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I still need two bloggers to host treasure! I have two from the States, five from Canada and one from Australia. Where do you live? Could you extend the hunt further around the globe?

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