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Not by Sight: The Story of Joseph is getting published!

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I'm SO thrilled to announce that my novel, Not by Sight: The Story of Joseph, has been picked up by WordCrafts Press for publication!


Many of you may have read pieces of the the early stages of this novel when I posted them here back in 2019. I am so thankful to everyone who offered feedback!!

Not by Sight is a retelling of the story of Joseph, his brothers, and his coat, from the Biblical book of Genesis. Focusing on both historical and Biblical accuracy, the novel examines his extraordinary journey of faith.

Really, what could make a man turn to God when every event in his life screams that God has turned His back on him?

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has followed me so far and supported me. 😊 I am so excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to share my novel with the world in 2022! And of course, sincerest thanks to WordCrafts Press for their belief in my novel!

All glory to God! 🙏

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Congratulations, @PenName! Ok, I'm running low on cookie pictures. So... I got you some LOTR cookies! 😁 And for every bad review you get (because we all get them 😒🙄), you can officially bite someone's head off! 😁 



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Here is a cookie to celebrate:




How about two cookies? Or three?






Congrats! Did you go the traditional route or the self pubbing one?

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