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Hello, I is me


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On 2/12/2021 at 6:47 PM, MrBabyturtle said:

Hello I've just joined.

You can call me MBT, I am a sometimes writer who wants more time to write but is to busy.

I write fantasy normally, sometimes romance-ish (still trying to get my head around doing to affectively).

I like history, medieval times are so cool. Dragon's are amazing, so are swords and ancient warfare/politics.

That's a bit of me.

Hello Mr Baby turtle, welcome to our group!

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History's cool.  I started getting into fantasy novels and then got assigned (USAF) to England and "real" history slapped me in the face.  When I got back and started back to school, I ended up getting me a master's in history, concentrating on late Anglo-Saxon and early Norman England.  History's cool!

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