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I've been saying I prefer redemption stories to conversion stories because of relatability. This post got my attention. I'm not a fan of Ayn Rand but the author makes the point I've been trying to make - we can be more effective showing the power of changed lives in stories than we can pushing Conversion accounts.




The leadership lesson is this. STOP SELLING DATA.

Data alone: boring; forgettable. Uninteresting and more of the same.


It doesn’t matter how compelling the analytics of your proposition are. In a competitive field crowded with binary 0 and 1’s, your data set is lost in the mix.



For the insurance agent, don’t sell statistics of your firm’s “best in class” service; tell a story how you personally assisted a client—just like them—in a time of crisis.


For the non-profit organization, don’t dazzle us with numbers and statistics— tell a story of the profound impact a specific family has had through the non-profit’s work.

For the Pharmaceutical Representative, tell a story of the patient type who benefits most from your offering. When the Dr. sees the patient profile you describe, recollection of story will compel prescription behavior far more than the cold statistics of a package insert.


Present a memorable case study. Every time. This is your role: create compelling stories that connect your cause at a personal level.

We love stories. We loath statistics.


In a crowded field of philosophers, Ayn Rand doesn’t stand out because of the “rightness” of her views—it is the presentation of her views through story.

Story is the greatest weapon of the effective leader. Take your proposition and craft a compelling, memorable narrative around it.


Persuade through story.



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