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   This gives me an idea that I might develop into a story.

   I live in a senior citizen village, which is surrounded by a grove of pine trees.  A few feral cats live in the grove, and a few ladies who live here, toss out food for them in the mornings.

   Several months ago, I discovered one of the cats, who has black fur, sleeping on the rubber mat outside my door.

   A Black Cat?!!!! (Bad luck?)  Outside my door?!!!!  (Very Bad Luck?)

   I'm just kidding with that last line.  What really concerned me, was that when I left the house, I might bump into the cat the with the screen door.

   Like I said, I might develop that incident into some kind of story.  

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13 minutes ago, Ky_GirlatHeart said:

What if the cat sat on the dog's mat but didn't realize that the dog was under it?

Hoo, boy..

What if the dog was already on the mat?

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Just now, JosiAtara said:

A large dog always trying to insert himself into the cat's life while the cat just tries to be alone.

That reminds me of a dog I used to have, a little Maltese Poodle mix. She'd try to control my bigger, younger dog, and snap at him when he got in her space.

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