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Not pleased with the outcome of the stolen election.  I have decided to change what I can in my state and local governments.  I am running for governor in my state in 2022 with the No More Career Politicians platform, along with a few other things that will attempt to bring back what is good in the Constitution of my state.  I realize I may be censored or even picked up by the Gestapo but I will nonetheless continue to fight for what God gave  us and laid our for our Founding Fathers to give birth to.


Censorship is real.  I've been shut down many times by social media.  I have prayed that God would lead me the direction to go and that is the reason I am running for office.  I already have a large following in my state and it seems to grow.  Psalms 37 is what we all should be praying and that the Republic that was given to us by the Founding Fathers is brought back in all its glory.  For it is a Republic that is the best government of all types.  God-given rights and freedom.


Pray for me as I know I will face an up hill battle but the war is won!  Praise the Lord!

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I am in Kansas.  We have a governor that moved here from New York and her ideologies don't work in Kansas.  Plus she has ruined our economy with illegal mandates.  I have had people ask me to run and with God's help, I will.

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On 1/20/2021 at 3:58 PM, Barnyardmare said:

I realize I may be censored or even picked up by the Gestapo


fwiw, I think we should be careful with our language. If we want people to take us seriously, especially as Christians, we must speak the truth. Simply switching from 'Gestapo'–which is a charged term which suggests Nazis–to 'police' keeps your meaning and removes the conspiracy-theory overtones. 

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