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30 minutes ago, HK1 said:

You can use a pseudonym for your website too.

Yes, I'm starting to get the hang of it. Ebraten explained it very well above. 


32 minutes ago, HK1 said:

It's a blog/website. From my limited understanding... LOL!


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9 hours ago, WillametteSutta said:

Also, is it a bad idea to put some sample chapters of my novel on my website?

Not a bad idea. In fact, it's a great idea to give readers a flavour of your writing. I put together my website's privacy policy following the advice on this blog.

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Before you put those chapters out there, you might want to read these articles:


*from Kristin Lamb, who, among other things, teaches on social media for writers

*from Rachelle Gardner / Gardner Literary


Yes, you'll find advice on both sides of the aisle for this, but please, really think about it. Do some research.


My two coppers' worth?

1) It scares me to put any work out on a website unless you don't care that it may be snatched up.

2) Just remember: putting those precious words online means they are now considered published!



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I am with Lynn on this one.


Having said that I have put a sample of Natural Talent my self-published YA novel on my site and a PDF of 'Going Home' the short story that got published by ACW UK. I had to get their permission and use a different picture because of copyright. But I would not put up any unpublished work that I intend to seek an agent or publisher for.

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31 minutes ago, lynnmosher said:

Yes, you'll find advice on both sides of the aisle for this

Among the comments in the article you posted is something from Jane Friedman:



Whatever a fiction writer does with their work (online or off), there needs to be a strategy behind the presentation/distribution, unless it’s strictly for critique/feedback purposes. Seth and Scott had a strategy, and it paid off (they were offered traditional publishing deals).

Posting free fiction on your author website can be a powerful content marketing tool if, as Jane Friedman says, there's a coherent strategy. I believe it so strongly that I'm aiming to do that over the course of this year. As for work being snatched up? Most of us are in far greater danger of obscurity than of having our work stolen.


I guess this is one of the (hopefully few) areas we can agree to disagree. 😁

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*from Kristin Lamb, who, among other things, teaches on social media for writers

*from Rachelle Gardner / Gardner Literary

Thanks! These articles are very helpful, along with everyone's feedback. These are the reservations that prompted me to ask before posting the chapters. I think I'll refrain.

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I am heading in this direction at the moment. Joining forums is basically Phase 1 of me learning, adapting to the idea, and networking. Still hate the idea of Social Media though. Thinking about Goodreads and Instagram for starters or perhaps only.


Phase 2 is the website. Maybe within the next two months? I haven't decided yet. There are many things to decide and figure out. The main one being whether or not I'm good(okay?, adequate?) enough to continue pursuing this.

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