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Would Anyone Like to Do a Skype Interview with Me?

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What do you mean by "Skype interview"?  When it comes to using the internet, I'm not all that sophisticated.  For me it's like making my way through a wilderness.

   If you want a telephone interview, I wouldn't.  I'm not all that comfortable speaking on the phone.  Also, when using a cellphone, the phrase "Time is money", is no figure of speech.

   Just sending written questions back and forth, like we're doing here, is fine with me.  When I'm speaking, I'm not all that quick with my words.  I'd prefer to take all the time I need to write things down, using words I choose, just the way I want to use them, which could take a considerable amount of time.

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28 minutes ago, suspensewriter said:

Hello, Pete.  Sure, I'm still open.  What about sometime the end of next week.  Do you have Skype?

I do have Skype (on my mac) but haven't used it. I'll make sure it works.

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