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In this present world filled with darkness and sin

I turn to the Scriptures and promises therein

And find all of God’s love and mercy displayed to see

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”


This era is filled with hate and violence and crime

But all of this is happening within God’s time

Events unfolding like prophecies across the land and sea

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”


He loves each rotten sinner upon this turning sphere

And so He will tarry until the time that all will hear

His grace covers all my transgressions, covers me, even me

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”


Two thousand years ago, He sent His Son down from above

To die for the sins of all the world because of His great love

In their ignorance they took Him and nailed Him to the tree

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”


But victory over even death did Jesus come to bring

So that all who hear and turn may say “Death, where is thy sting?”

This is it—the great good news—the truth that makes us free

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”


And to this day it is still a wonder to behold

The redemption of the lost sheep who has wandered from the fold

Or the salvation of a sinner down on reverent, bended knee

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”


The marvels in the Book of Life do not stop right here

I read of God’s forgiveness, and how we need never fear

I read of God, Son, and Spirit, the Holy Trinity

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”


So today as the world around me crumbles before my eyes

My heart is set and my gaze is lifted toward the skies

Thoughts of a home eternal, bright and perfect it will be

And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!”

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