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Using Amazon to Promote Christian Books

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Hi everyone,


We have been advised that to save costs as well as with helping promotion, we should be going down the Amazon and Kindle route. We are now starting to promote the Creation Series of Books (Set A) here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Creation-Book-Carole-Leah-2010-01-20/dp/B01K92L96W/. Has anyone had success with this? As Amazon is the main player these days it seems we have little option but to go down this way.


We still hope to have the hard back format for future books but it may be that as everyone is in lockdown these days, having this option seems the best. We are still hoping to get Set B (The Jesus Series) ready in the next couple of months too and hope to get them up on Kindle and Amazon before the hardback copies are ready.


Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Creation Series Book Title.png

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