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Is there anyway to turn off the ability to receive pictures via dms?

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As someone who is interested in discussing the more taboo side of writing and aware of facebook getting in trouble for people dming child porn to each other, I would like to turn off the pictures in my dms just to be safe.  I don't think there is likely to be any issue but I would feel a bit safer with this option.  So far nothing has happened and the admin here are trustworthy enough to trust if anything did, but I'd like to save the effort on everyone's part.

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That is highly unlikely that you would receive porn unless a rotten person happened to sneak in. I don't know that it is possible but Rebecca will have to check on that for you. Please be patient for her response. 😃

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In the unlikely event something like this were to happen, please report the post to us immediately using the report feature. Something like this is cause for an immediate ban and the offending member would be reported to the authorities.


Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent images in direct messages. However, you can disable direct messages entirely. On desktop, visit your Inbox and click the link below the message list that says, "Disable my messenger."



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