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Hey y'all! :)


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Guest kiwigummy
On 1/9/2021 at 9:56 AM, ThePerilousPen said:

I write YA, generally just realistic fiction with a little romance in it (nothing too serious; holy bananas I haven't even gone a date yet lol) I had some ideas for romance novels set in WWII...hm, maybe I'll pick that up again! What about you?

Oh wow, you're funny. I'll write that short story about the Christian girl who went on a tinder date with her youth pastor. It'll be a riot!

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Guest kiwigummy
6 hours ago, ThePerilousPen said:

Tinder is so....interesting you never know who you'll end up with lol

My cousin uses/used it. I think it wrecked his soul. The algorithm is stacked against men. I wish I could've saved him the grief of going out with low quality people.

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