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Looking for a coauthor passionate about writing

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Who likes Christian novels and writing?

Well message me or post below if you are interested in becoming the co-author of my new book.

It's a nonfiction story of my battle against lots of spiritual giants, one of which is Schizophrenia.

The book title right now is "The Voices Say, All Your Family Will Be Saved." - A true story about a schizophrenic man's battle and journey for God to save all his family.

So I have lots of plot and story material. Just need help writing it. Will share royalties and everything.


I can share individually more info about the book so we can see if it works together well for the both of us.

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When you say "God to save all his family." do you mean all your family find salvation in God?


If so, I had a suggestion for a slight change to the description.

A true story about schizophrenia and a man's journey and the battle to help his family find God's salvation.


If I'm reading it wrong, then just ignore this comment

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There are a couple of areas on this site that are not available until a new member has reached 10 comments and the system has had time to catch up. This helps to keep down the spammers. Just roam around and leave comments and you'll reach 10 very quickly. Also, if any of you have not stopped by Meet and Greet, I would suggest you do so, so that everyone will know you are here and can welcome you. 😃

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