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First public writing!

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Looks really nice, Samantha. Way to go! I do have a couple of suggestions. Since people like to see who is writing what they're reading, you need an About Me page and a photo and remove the ending on your story.  Also, try to aim for around 500 words as readers get antsy and tend not to read longer portions. I would add the copyright symbol and the year to your footer. I don't know you've yet thought about people subscribing but that is something you should consider.


I'm a little confused on the title: Chronicle: Cross.


On A Call-and an Accepted Invitation, I would leave out the hyphen. Also, whenever you use Scripture, always add the Bible version you are using. And the ellipsis at the end of the verse is not necessary.


These are just minor things. Great job, Samantha! 😃

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