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But a Simple Shepherd: A Christmas Poem

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But a simple shepherd,
Leading my sheep o'er barren hills toward town.
Who could have known how life would change
When the angels above shone down?


But a simple shepherd,
Listening as the angels did entreat.
I made my way toward old Bethlehem,
A young family there to greet.


But a simple shepherd, I peered into the stable,
Come to see a little babe, lain 'tween horse and sheep.
Who could have known how the world would change
By this babe so fast asleep?


But a simple shepherd,
Ne'er one to open mouth to preach.
How could I not go with news of the babe
Out into the world, every soul needed to reach?


But a simple shepherd,
Staff and flock now long stored;
Tending a new multitude of believers,
Daily telling the world of that baby, now my Savior, the Lord.

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