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Hi all!! 👋


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Hi everyone!


My name is Grace, and I'm working on my first book! I used to write a lot but its been about 10 years since I've written anything longer than a few pages.


I love historical fiction and the way it humanizes different time periods and people in history. With my book I'm trying to bring to life one of the lesser known and less fleshed out stories in the Bible. I think there's so much social, cultural, and physical history that can be unpacked to add incredible richness and depth to an already amazing story. Right now I'm still solidly in the research and plot outlining phase but I'm loving it and am so excited to get back into writing!


I'm really glad I found this community - there's not much out there specifically for Christian writers and my book is definitely aimed at the Christian community. 😂 I'm looking forward to getting more involved!

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It's great to meet another writer working on their first book. Your story is similar to mine as I did start writing a book but took a break for several years and have recently started to rewrite my first book, although mine is Christian fiction.


I'm always hanging around if you want someone to talk to 😄 I'll help however I can but there is lots of experience here and people you can benefit from in many areas.

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