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Happy Saint Nicholas Day

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   The mythical figure of Santa Clause is based on an actual person.  He is officially named by the Catholic Church as Saint Nicholas.  Today, December 5th, is officially Saint Nicholas Day.

    What I've read about him, is that the actual Saint Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in what is now the nation of Turkey, during the 4th Century AD.  He was know for giving generous gifts to children.

    Now I ask, what is a Turkish Bishop doing at the North Pole, with all those elves and reindeer?   Is it possible that he went on a missionary journey to the Far North, where he converted a tribe of very short Eskimos, who followed the reindeer herds?  

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1 hour ago, Joshua Benefiel said:

Jolly ol' Saint Nick punched a guy for being a heretic! This is the man, this follower of Christ, that we teach our children about!


      What do we teach children about him?

                                                      "He's making a list.

                                                       Checking it twice.

                                                       Gonna find out 

                                                       Who's naughty or nice.

                                                       Santa Clause (who punched heretics)

                                                       Is coming to town"??? 

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