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His Refreshing Word

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Hi everyone!  I was invited to post some of the poetry, the Lord gave me to write.  I haven't been able to spend much time online lately, but was more than happy to share what the Lord has given.

God bless you all always! 🙂


Breathing in all the air around me,

seeing as far as my eyes can see.


The beauty and reality of all God’s creation,

takes my breath away as I see its daily fruition.


Breathing in each day that He’s given to me,

shows His love in my life and how to be free.


Even when Jesus surrendered His last breath,

they would soon realize He had conquered death.


The unwinding of God’s infinite plan,

led to the redemption of every man.


The Lamb was slain, paying the highest price,

exchanging our sin for eternal life.


The fall of man, reversed with His final breath,

was known throughout hist’ry to have a great depth.


Jesus, on the cross, overcame the devil’s kingdom

and with one final breath He had given us freedom!


The air we now breathe as His believers,

has been restored to many deceivers.


Deceived with lies they’d been taught since their youth,

took a deep breath in the power of truth!


The truth of God’s Word is like a breath of fresh air,

the power it contains lifts up hearts in despair.


Nothing can compare to His infinite Word,

for once it’s breathed in, it begins a new work!

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