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In search of a beta reader for first rough draft.

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I am searching for a beta reader who could give me some feedback on world, plot, and characters. 


I am working on a book proposal so would also like your thoughts on why people would want to read this novel and what other books this novel is comparable to.


Audience: YA or Adult females

Genre: Fantasy/Speculative Fiction

*Unsure if it should be marketed to christian fantasy niche or secular population 







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1 minute ago, Zee said:

Hi, @E.T. Newman I'd potentially be interested, but could I have a little more detail on the story? Honestly, I'm more interested in Speculative Fiction than Fantasy, at least the classics "Wizards and Dragons" type--but I'll enjoy anything if it's well-written.

Hey @Zee


I am not sure it is well-written, but I hope to make it into a good story...eventually. 😃



So this is the "in process" logline of the book:


When disease threatens her home colony, a young farm girl embarks on a journey to identify the source; but when a Prophet reveals a greater scheme to take down the Kingdom, she must decide where to place her trust before her world is reduced to ashes.


The world is Cardinia. Four Kinds live on this planet-Man, Beast, Nature, and Malaek. The time period is after an Age of Promise/Peace. There are dragons, evil prophets, and realm stones. There is death, disease, shipwreck, elemental magic, friendship, and desire.


What specific details would you like to know?





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Hi @E.T. Newman, I would be interested in beta reading your first draft. I do like fantasy and speculative fiction. With the holidays around the corner and currently beta reading another book, my time is a little sparse at the moment.  Do you have a time frame in which you would like the beta reading to be completed?


Also, with regards to marketing, I'm not sure that the "Christian fantasy niche" would be the appropriate place for fantasy that involves "realm stones and elemental magic." But, I could be wrong about that. I think it's going to depend largely on the overall theme / message of the book.  What is the message you are wanting to convey with your book?


I suppose it would be possible to market it in both arenas depending on the audience you are wanting to reach, but based on the description so far it doesn't sound like it is solely for a Christian audience. This can be decided at a later date, when you know more about the direction of the book.


Let me know if you'd like me to beta read your first draft, knowing that I won't be able to fully commit to it until after Christmas.

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