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Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!!!

I thought of something funny. I heard about this from one of my friends, and she said this came from a movie (this was probably a couple of years ago). I believe a family was sitting down about to have a meal, and one of them asked someone else to say the blessing.

He stood up and did the Pledge of Allegiance or sang something..

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22 minutes ago, carolinamtne said:

Especially this time of year, when some people are not gathering with family, we need all the humor we can share. I give thanks for all of you. 


Whether gathered or scattered, have a God-blessed day.


Amen to both, Carolina! 😃

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I always think of what my third-grade teacher told us. "Thanksgiving is about bing thankful for what we have, even if it's peanut butter and jelly."  Just so you know, our son was here last weekend and we had our Thanksgivng meal while he was here. Tonight, our plan is to have spaghetti. We both like it and I can have it because a certain company makes it gluten-free.  



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Your third-grade teacher was very wise. Too bad we can't all listen to that advice.


Enjoy your spaghetti.


By the time we decided we weren't going to family gather today, the local grocery store was out of turkey. No ham, either, so we had pork butt. Delicious. The cats slurped up the drippings. The horses are out in the pasture, and the sheep are feasting on brown elm leaves. The chickens enjoyed sweet potato peels and fresh green bean snapped-off ends. The neighbor dog (who comes up regularly) received dog biscuits, the meat drippings (that the cats left), and slightly soured egg nog.


We have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (pie yet to come, after we walk). We are blessed. 


I pray that you all had something comparable.

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