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The Truth about Yoga

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34 minutes ago, Ky_GirlatHeart said:

May I ask what exactly it was that she said please? I'd like to check it out.

You might want to have your parents check out her website. She says some strange things on there, and it might be best if they looked into it. It was basically her whole experience with the demons. How she got them cast out and how she talked to them before they were gone. Her experience struck me as very feelings based and not Bible-based. Christians can't be possessed by demons.

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I did not read her entire story, and I am hesitant to share this but I believe this is a subject often shrouded in confusion and misconceptions. As someone with experience in spiritual warfare, I see some glaring examples of someone writing about a subject they do not fully understand at all. I actually question some of what she said and wonder if it actually the truth of what really happened. 


Firstly, if she was really a born again believer she could not be possessed because as believers we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and He dwells within us. So either she is lying, she wasn't really a born again Christian, or was simply under demonic oppression.


After what I have experienced, this is what I believe is true, but I am open to correction.


The demons she apparently experienced are more liked to be religious spirits whose focus is on areas to do with religion even to the point of teaching a fake christianity that is skewed and tainted. The religious spirit, which is also the spirit of witchcraft in reality is the spirit of idolatry. These terms religious spirit or spirit of witchcraft or some other spirit of something like the spirit of yoga, are used in order to confuse the situation and stop the spirit from being properly identified in order to shield if from being cast out. It's not every situation, but usually you are not dealing with a single demon and it may be accompanied by anything from the spirit of control, deception, fear or something else.


People greatly misunderstand possession and view it as something like the exorcist movie. In reality, it is much different to that. I believe many more people are oppressed rather than truly possessed. Let me try to explain, if you have a set of keys in your pocket, you could say you are keyed up. You possess the keys, the keys do not posses you. The same is true about possession, it usually occurs in non-believers who have opened the door to demonic habitation, but the demon is not in full control of you all the time unless you let it, but you possess the demon, or own it, it doesn't own you. Being possessed is like allowing a crazy aunt to come live in the back room of your house.


Deliverance has long been seen as some kind of battle or epic power tug-o-war. It may possibly work, but usually that kind of removal of a demon does more harm than good because it rips a demon from a place where they have a right to be. As shown by Jesus, deliverance or freeing a person from demonic influence, either possession or oppression, does not have to be a power battle or some epic event. The 'possessed' or owned spirit can be evicted by commanding the spirit's name and getting the person to agree that they want to be free from it. The demon no longer has a right to stay and through the authority we have as children of God and the blood of Jesus, we can demand the spirit leave. I would however caution any Christian from attempting this without proper understanding of what they are doing. It usually requires that you not only know who you are in Christ, your rights as a child of God, but also who Christ is in you, the understanding that you have access to the authority through the name of and blood of Jesus, but that it is not yours to do with as you wish and that in the end, it is God doing the work, not you.


After freedom from spiritual entanglements is spoken by the afflicted. The person has exercised their right to evict that crazy aunt from their house, because it's their house. However it is vital that the person then receives Christ and is indwelt by the Holy Spirit in order to avoid them returning to a possessed state which could be worse than before. The person also needs to identify what in their past opened the door to the enemy and close that door to avoid other spiritual problems.


A lot of people are also confused by the difference between demonic possession, oppression and attachment. I can explain further if people want to know.

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@suspensewriter @HK1 I understand that concern. However, I believe that speaking to them is the way to get information about them. You wouldn't capture the enemy and then not question them for information.

For instance, in Luke 8: 27-36, there was a man who was possessed with many devils. When he saw Jesus, the demons in him through the man cried for Jesus not to torment him. Jesus then asked the devil what was his name, and the demon responded with "Legion: because many devils were entered into him." Then Legion began pleading for Jesus not to cast him into the deep and instead suggested that they could go into the swine of pigs. Jesus gave them permission to do so, and the demons went.

Jesus didn't have to ask that demon what his name was or any of that. He's God. He could simply with a word cast it out. But He went the extra mile and asked. This shows that Jesus was setting a precedent for the believers. Sure, we can't be possessed, but we can be demonized, or affected by demons.

I'd like to humbly suggest Pastor Win Worley to you. He was a prominent person involved in deliverance during the 1900s (he is now with the Lord). I've included the links here on YouTube for you to watch if you're open to it. I'm not saying that you have to watch it.

@Amosathar I believe that what you're saying is that Christians cannot be possessed? I understand that. I believe that Christians can be demonized, but not possessed.


That's the third part of that as well.




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I find that when people don't know about demons and spiritual warfare from a scriptural point of view, a lot of secular ideas get mixed up in their belief or world view on the subject. But being that it is a subject the church doesn't like to talk about in general, it's probably not surprising that people can get things wrong.

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@Ky_GirlatHeart, I definitely agree that demons can oppress Christians. But I don't believe Christians can be demonized. Here's a quote from an article I'll link below:


"With the strong biblical evidence that a Christian cannot be demon possessed in view, some Bible teachers use the term “demonization” to refer to a demon having control over a Christian. Some argue that while a Christian cannot be demon possessed, a Christian can be demonized. Typically, the description of demonization is virtually identical to the description of demon possession. So, the same issue results. Changing the terminology does not change the fact that a demon cannot inhabit or take full control of a Christian. Demonic influence and oppression are realities for Christians, no doubt, but it is simply not biblical to say that a Christian can be possessed by a demon or demonized."



Hope that explains my position 🙂

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