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I've got a "Why I Write" story today.    A guy I have been ministering to in prison ministry the last few years got out today, and he doesn't have any family so I picked him up and took him

It's those characters. They rattle around between my ears, getting chased up trees by bears, trees that get cut down and burned. Bears with sharp teeth too.  They don't let up until I write it do

I'm motivated by my desire to serve God, although I have to say when there was a time when I just wrote because I could.

On 11/23/2020 at 6:24 PM, suspensewriter said:

I'd really like to know why it is that you write.

Great responses to the prompt!

I have not but just begun my writing journey, so I can’t answer the question with much substance. I am still wrestling with the call itself. I have many thoughts on the subject of the call, too many to express here. I suppose that the accurate response would be that I am exploring writing because of the call of God to share the Gospel as a witness and an ambassador of Christ.

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I'm guessing I write because I had some kind of deep seated need to do so. I do know that I have felt more fulfilled within myself since I did it.

A better question might be "Why did I publish it?" Again, I'm guessing that I wanted to share it with others. Certainly not for the money, but it brought joy to me when others read my stories and enjoyed them. 

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Guest LinkPen
On 11/23/2020 at 11:58 PM, Jeff Potts said:

There are times when I write, the world literally falls away, and I am there with the character.  I'm riding beside them, feeling the breeze in my face, smelling the scent of the pines, and hearing the sound of hooves over hard-packed earth.


There is no greater form of entertainment then to be lost writing words from a character in your head, or describing the land that rises on the horizon.  No movie or video can compare.  In fact, I rarely watch movies these days.


Then when I'm done, and I start forming the next scene in my head before I fall asleep at night.  Rehearsing dialog before its written, and the sudden bursts of inspiration that come, as the story starts to take on a life its own.


And then there is the back-and-forth of those who read your books and "get it." 


I used to have this same thrill when I programmed.  Writing the code in my head before pounding it out on the keyboard, and those "Eureka" moments in the midst of writing a function or a method.  When it was all new and fun, and I was forging ahead in a new world.  And now that I've gone from mountain top to mountain top in my career, the thrill and the challenge has waned.


But writing is something new.  And I find myself blessed that I can ride that feeling twice in a lifetime.  Few do.  It would be an insult to God to not use the talents he has given me to their fullest.



I totally understand the feeling. The characters are like friends to me, I know them! (Yes, they're fictitious)

Definitely constantly planning the next scenes, even just before I sleep! LOL 

But I seriously love to write for God and I delight in it.

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I have to.  I'm not being forced to or anything; that's not what I mean.  You know how there are some things you simply have to do because it's just the way it is?  If I didn't write, I would go insane.  So I have to write.  But I also write because:

1. It's the way I understand things; the way I figure people out, figure my life out, go through my difficulties, make friends, etc.

2. I'm very shy and socially anxious, so it's my way of talking to people and connecting and sharing my thoughts, feelings, views, and beliefs.

3. Books are important to me.  So I have to contribute to something that made me who I am.

4. It's my way of releasing all my pent up stress and anxiety.  When I don't write, I get really irritable and anxious and stressed out, because I don't talk to people about my struggles (or to people in general) and I have to talk somehow.

5. God gave me the ability to write well and correctly, and not many people have that.  So I should use what God gave me instead of trying to be good at things I'm simply not.

6.  Books are the way that a lot of people get through tough times.  I'm not going to be able to stand up and give a huge, moving speech that affects the world.  Besides, affecting the entire world--eh.  I'd rather be able to change or affect one person and make their life something different.

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1 hour ago, AJCat29 said:

I have to.  I'm not being forced to or anything; that's not what I mean.  You know how there are some things you simply have to do because it's just the way it is?  If I didn't write, I would go insane.


Yes, I do understand!

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