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Road to Destiny (a weird poem)

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I found this poem that I wrote awhile ago, it was a little odd and weird, but I thought I'd share it to see what people think


PHILIPPIANS 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. 

The road that leads to destiny
is not very straight at all.
It is filled with many twists and turns. 
peaks to climb, valleys to fall.


There is a curve called Failure, 
and a sharp corner called Pride.
and long loops called Confusion, 
Let the map of prayer be your guide.


Speed bumps may be called Friends, 
red lights could be your foes.
True friends will lift you up,
enemies will snare you with woes.

Caution lights are called doubts,
despair can give you a flat tire.
But with a car jack called hope,
it will lift you out of the mire. 


The road of life is long and windy,
but with a spare called determination, 
and an engine called perseverance, 
You will keep going to your destination.


The Holy Spirit will be your oil,
His Word of truth is the fuel you see,
Trusting Him is your insurance, 
And obedience is the key.


Surrender and give him everything,
Give Jesus control to take the wheel. 
He knows your path, don't need GPS, 
to where your destiny He will reveal. 

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