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Gospel freestyle Rap

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This is something that I wrote on the spur of the moment, it was unlike other poems I had written before.


God is all encompassing love; He came down from heaven above.
To search us out, make us his own, for this He left His Heavenly throne.


To walk among us, a man on Earth. To show to us all of our true worth.
He didn't arrive as a royal king, fame and fortune isn't everything.


No battles fought or victories won, but came as a poor carpenter's son.
A bright star appears, angels abound, shepherds and animals gather round.


Not a palace, a stable was his birth place. At a house, wise men seek his face.
Son is not with them, His parents they tremble, find Him teaching in the temple.


Baptism then in the desert temptation is heard, defeats satan by using God's word.
Mary asks for a miracle, He did not decline, prayer transforms water to wine.


He spoke to masses upon a hill, with loaves and fishes, he made a meal.
The blind and deaf, the sick and the lame, seeking his healing, they came.


Pharisees and teachers he often vexed, but the truth he spoke was not complex.
In our shoes He has humbly walked, with crowds of people he has talked.


He taught them each and every day that He was bringing a brand new way.
To God that they could re-unite, but it would not be through strength or might.


New kingdom come that would forever reign, putting all other rulers to shame.
He commands enemies they should love anew, like God did for me and you.


Example He leads by serving others, calling them to be sisters and brothers.
Through Jesus death, we re-unite, adopted by God to be salt and light.


God's wrath and justice demanded a cost, the ransom paid upon the cross.
He came from heaven to set us free, by hanging and dying upon a tree.


We could never afford to pay the price, such love shown through sacrifice.
Salvation not earned by works or deed, but His gift of grace is all we need.


Bright light, the stone is rolled away, guards run in fear on the third day.
Women arrive, angels appear, announcement is made "He's no longer here!"


The Gospel, spread by witness and word, until all of mankind has heard.
Then on the clouds he shall appear, to take those home that he holds dear.


And then as King He will reign forever, worship will be our sole endeavor.
Jesus our King, Savior and Lord, for all eternity, we will worship in one accord.

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It sings and rumbles right along. Quite nice. In the first two lines I recognized the Rap swing, but loved how the words kept singing and ringing in my head (as other commented) as well. Nicely put about a wonderful story. Our best story on earth. Thank you; well done, thou faithful writer!

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