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New editor/proofreader needing experience

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Hello everyone,


I recently completed a short course in copy editing and proofreading and am now needing to gain experience and build a portfolio of work. As such, I was wondering if you could help me. I am willing to edit/proofread a couple of small projects (these could be blog posts, short stories, a chapter from a novel, your about page on your website, etc) for you, in exchange for one of the following:


  • a before and after sample, showing the suggested changes I make (you will get full credit for the writing, and I will make sure that no more than a couple of paragraphs are visible).
  • a review/testimonial from you.
  • your permission for me to create a case study on the project.


I am happy to work in either MS Word or Google Docs. Please PM me if you are interested so that we can chat.


Please also note that this is a limited time offer.


Thank you in advance! :)

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Yes - love to. Let me have a think at what would be good for you to showcase - perhaps a chapter of book 3 of Sphinx trilogy which has not been copy edited or professional proofed might be good start. I have a short story about 1600K as well. What ever works for you.

Just pm me.

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Sounds like a great opportunity! Are you still taking people?


Maybe a chapter from my novel or memior.

My memior is about 3,500 words and needs polishing.

How short should it be?


PM me if you'd like


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