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Theme vs. Allegory

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Here’s the video essay that got me to start thinking a LOT about theme.


Ever since, I’ve wanted to use fantasy as a tool to portray ideas in a more raw way than I can with anything else. For instance, my current project centers around 2 characters using 2 different magic systems, one powered by logic, the other by emotion. My goal was to show that a balance of both is required in order to make it through life successfully.


HOWEVER. I spend most of my time watching kids cartoons (I’m allergic to swearing, shut up) so I’m used to getting my themes served to me pretty clearly. I want to avoid coming across as preachy and obvious, but I still want the theme to be apparent.


I’m not worried about the story lacking its own merit, my characters are more than just representations of different worldviews. But I still would love some tips about how to portray themes on a balanced level between subtle and boldly obvious. 


Feel free to tell me about the themes of your stories, or anything related to this topic!


Here’s the link to my Webtoon, please share it with the world:



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