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Low Fantasy Novel Following Two Brothers in a Dark Forest

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Current draft length: 36,000 words


I've been looking for places to gather beta readers, but I hesitated on Goodreads and social media because I would really love Christian feedback, even though this novel isn't expressly in that genre. I would like it to be accessible to fantasy readers in general, but with a moral backbone to it. 


This novel is a bit violent, but there's very little romance and NO sexuality. Swearing is at a minimum, no taking the Lord's name in vain.



Within a dark forest filled with secrets, in a cottage built by the hands of their father, Galton and his brother live in relative safety. 


Galton strives to keep his family beyond harm, but there are powers at work against them and disaster is brewing.


Amongst the clashing of the civilized and savage, the brothers will be plunged into an obscure spiral of magic, hidden history and betrayal.

It will take their full measure of character and courage to make it through.






If you have any questions, let me know!

The draft is finished, but it needs some serious polishing. 

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