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I just received an email from Reedsy about selling books on Google play. It begins:


If you sell books on Google Play, then you’ve probably heard of the two big announcements they recently made:


They increased royalties to 70%, no matter the price point for sales in 60+ countries (including all the major English-speaking ones); and

They released a promo codes feature that allows you to generate codes to either give away your book, or make it available at a discount.


I read through the article and copied it, but I'm a little confused. Could someone who knows about this stuff please explain it to me?

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2 hours ago, carolinamtne said:

I read through the article and copied it, but I'm a little confused. Could someone who knows about this stuff please explain it to me?





First off, they changed their royalty rates to be more in line with what Amazon offers. This is a good thing. I can't remember what they previously offered, but I'm pretty sure it was below 70% (as in you keep 70% of each sale).


Second, they will now allow you to set up a your own special discounts. So if you want to offer a "50% off promo" to your email subscribers, but don't want it rolled out to everyone (keeping your retail price on Google Play the same), you can give them a special discount code to use. This is great because if you lower your retail price, then other retailers who price match (like Amazon) will sniff out the new price and adjust their price to match. This is a big pain, particularly after you end the price promotion and then have to chase down all the retailers who priced matched (because they are AWALYS very slow to reset the prices).


Smashwords has offered this service for years, and I've always used it to distribute free eBook copies to winners of contests. It's good to see Google finally get on board.


Overall, Google Play has been a huge disappointment for me. I've been selling through them for a couple of years and have yet to make a single sale. I find that mind-boggling, not because I think my books should sell like hotcakes, but because I think someone, just one person, would have made a purchase by now (even by mistake). Gives me the impression that Google Play is a very small player. I hope these recent changes are signaling a renewed willingness to grow and compete.



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I was interested to see this, but I'm not yet entirely sure how I'll use it. I do know authors who are selling well on GooglePlay. They all have series with a heavily discounted or free Book 1.


When my series is complete I'll drop the price of Book 1 and market more intentionally to GooglePlay. Off the top of my head, maybe I might put the coupon offer in the back matter of books that are uploaded there. I'm always thrilled to see platforms making innovations.

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