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So I have another prayer request. An old family friend was kidnapped yesterday. Probably best not to go into details, but we would all deeply appreciate prayers for his safe return. He has a wife and small daughter.


This makes the sixth friend/acquaintance of mine to be kidnapped in the past ten years. Maybe this says something about my friends...or their friends.

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Update: the friend was rescued earlier today and will soon be reunited with his family, if he hasn’t been already.


Given the circumstances, this was the best possible outcome, though the rescue did result in the deaths of the kidnappers.


Thanks for all the prayers! I am sure they were instrumental in how fast this happened (but having a presidential election right around the corner couldn’t have hurt either.)

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Glade to hear your friend is safe. Sad that two lives were lost in the situation. No matter who they are, a life lost is a life lost.


Still  it could have been worse and your friend's family have their loved one back.


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