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I filled out an online application for cleaning company that does the University in my city.  They university is at most 3 miles from my house. The company starting rate is the same as what I make now but  it will be less as I work 48 - 60 hours a week right now, rotating through all three shifts each week.  Plus 2 weeks of my vacation have been cancelled by the company due to Covid.  Looking for work over 50 is definitely a scary thing when only probationary jobs are offered but I don't think I can keep on like this.  I am drained at the end of the week.

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The past three days I have come home from work and washed a pile of dishes.  I am almost down to where the counter is clean again.  My dad forgets what he is doing as soon as he walks out of the room so he just piles them into the sink and my mom with her COPD is unable to do them right now.   I have been trying to keep up with the that while working also.  Today I have to run to  the store for them to pick up drugs, and the autoparts store for me to pick up an air filter and Rain-X wiper fluid (it actually works.  I use the Rain-X fluid and blades and the water rolls off the window when driving)

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