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I've noticed for a while now that Christian Writers has 8,853 members (and Lord willing more on the way) currently. Why in the world are so many of them who join don't even come back? I've noticed that some newbies forsake the website as soon as they join. Is it because they forgot about the website or something??

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@lynnmosher In my opinion, I can't see who would give up writing if they've been given the time, interest, and resources to do so. That's just mind-boggling. Of course, I could understand it if they've been so busy with other things or with family or something along those lines, but sitting down for ten minutes just to write something is still an option.

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2 hours ago, Ky_GirlatHeart said:

In my opinion, I can't see who would give up writing if they've been given the time, interest, and resources to do so.


1 hour ago, lynnmosher said:

I think some are not that deeply interested in writing, and some, as you mentioned, get started but life interrupts with too many things. Sometimes, some of those get back to writing


I think you've hit the nail on the head lynn.


Personally, I think many like the idea of writing, but then something gets in the way.


-Time constraints

-Work, family, or Other hobbies

-"Don't feel like it tonight" syndrome...which never goes away.

-The I can't thoughts or I'm no good at this or where do I even start?



Been there. I finally decided...or perhaps it was God who nudged me, that I won't ever be a reality unless I start. I'll never get better if I don't try.


That said, some of the ones who have left are superb writers. It's sad to see them succumb to busy schedules.


I've been wondering at all the looky-loos at the critique forum. Some of us will have 10, 15, 20+ views and only 2 comments.


Subtracting user views, which I'm sure are included in the count, I don't understand why so many people look and pass by. I can't speak for everyone, but I at least would like to know if they didn't bother because they found it boring.


I can't fix it until I know something's wrong.



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It's always difficult to tell why members fade away. In my experience with this (and other) forums, people join and run into one (or a combination) of these factors:


1. Some join because they wrote something and want to see what they should to do next. Sometimes they stick around, but often they obtain the information they need and get discouraged over the amount of work that's still ahead of them. Some even post a sample of their work and get discouraged when they received constructive criticism, because they were really after accolades for their future best-seller.    


2. Some join and soon get distracted away. As @lynnmosheralready observed, life interrupts with too many things. Some of these members can stick around for a while and then abruptly drop away.  


3. Some join and fail to make a connection with the community at large. We're a strange bunch. 🤪


4. Some join with the sole intent of marketing their work, These are easy to spot. Their first post (or two) is usually a pitch for their work, and then they are never heard from again.


5. Some join because they just want a place to impart their unique Christian doctrine on everyone. They're prolific at first, but quickly fade when fewer and fewer reply to their treatises, or get offended by those who offer differing points of view.    


5. Some join and seldom post, mainly because they're conducting research. They search past topics, get their info, and move on.


6. Some are spammers and get swiftly dispatched, thanks to our great moderator/admin team.


7. And some (like me) join and never go away, usually driving other members crazy. 😁


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