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Getting Lost on the Path

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What can I do? What can I say?
Where is the path? I've lost my way.
That still small voice, it was once so near, 
but it now grows faint, please don't disappear.


My faith is so weak, it used to be strong,
but I've walked so far and the journey is long.
My strength, it fails, the fire grows dim,
I cry out to God, my situation so grim.


My soul grows weary, it is silent, and still,
my flesh groans in defeat and broken will.
Can I spur on this fire? Can I fan this flame?
or will nothing change, will I just stay the same.


If only I could wake, from this slumbered sleep.
callout from inside, where deep calls to deep.
Would I gain more life or strength from up there?
if I spent more time and effort in prayer.


I need you right now, more than ever before,
guide me from this fog, help me find the door.
I could have avoided this sorrow, it's absurd,
if I wasted less time, spent more in His Word.


If you feed your spirit with His truth each day,
then you will be sure not to fall in dismay.
His word is assurance, filled with promise and insight,
it'll keep you out of the darkness, and bathed in His light.


A child of God is never forsaken, lost, or alone,
He is always with you, for you are His home.
So to avoid this detour, getting lost on your way,
fill your heart with the truth of His word every day.

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If only I could wake, from this slumbered sleep.
callout from inside, where deep calls to deep.


Yes, the 'deep' does brag in this way, and the despair sometimes comes, but you know...you know who holds your inevitabilities, you life is never forgotten in his hands. Good flow in your poem, but I liked the well -placed creative line above especially. Good thinking.

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Amosathar ~ this is a wonderful poem.   It has a the feel of David sitting and writing a psalm, in which there is tension, confession and realistic resolution.   We are not left dangling.   We are left with the idea of light.  More than at the end of the tunnel.   Encouragement and warning to be wise.    Wisdom to be desired.   The promise of life.

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