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Beta Readers for Fantasy Novel

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I’m seeking several beta-readers to read my fantasy novel and provide feedback on the plot, characters, prose, etc.


Brief description of the novel:



The heir to the most powerful house of the kingdom and the Crown Princess lose everything in a single night. Together, they must embark on a journey to save their lives and seek help to recover the kingdom from the claws of corruption, lies and manipulation. In the journey, they uncover dark secrets of mythical creatures hidden in the depths of the sea and the land. What sacrifices will they have to make in order to recover what was lost and save the kingdom? Is death worth it?


What would you do if one day you’re forced to leave everything behind?


Accompany the protagonists in a journey of life, death, hope, love, friendship, revenge, and betrayal.


Genres: Young Adult, Adult, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Romance, Historical Fiction, Mythology, Myths & Legends, Medieval, Royalty, Coming of Age.

For Fans of: Sarah J. Maas, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Game of Thrones, Dan Brown.


Please send me a direct message if you’re interested with the following info:


1) Name, age and gender

2) Email and social media accounts so we can get in contact

3) Why do you want to be a beta-reader for this novel?

4) Include a list of genres, books and TV shows you typically enjoy


Thanks and I look forward to your message.

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Hey there.


I'm interested, but before I answer your questions, you'll need to answer a couple of mine.


1. How long is it?

2. When would you need me to be finished with it?


I have many time constraints right now. I won't get to start until the first week of November (already beta reading for someone else), and it will be slow going after that.


I am willing to help, but if you need speedy readers, I may not be a good fit this time around.


The blurb is pretty good btw 😉.

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Thank you for your interest!


The novel currently sits at 60K words. I'm working on the final 10 chapters (out of 30).


I'd send you five chapters per week (or as soon as you finish them) so you can provide me with your feedback as you read along.


I can share the first three chapters with you via email and see if it picks your interest.  I was surprised after my first beta reader read them all in less than an hour and was already on chapter eight by her first week which made me incredibly happy.


I'm glad you liked the blurb, thanks!

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