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Thanksgiving is cancelled

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LOL Good giggle, Y! :D


KyG, no, not actually cancelled. Though I'm sure in some households, it will be. But I did read that smaller turkeys will be sought after this year. So, if anyone needs a large turkey, I would suggest you look now.

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Sounds like a clever way of getting around the recommendation against non-essential gatherings. Is a big family dinner essential? Well...maybe not. But a turkey fatya? Can't be missed!

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We actually don't have a turkey anymore, usually it is a chicken or something small.  The turkey never got eaten as we all have an aversion to the taste since we had so many one year.  Now cranberry - orange relish on the hand....

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      Unlike every other year, it looks like I won't be spending this Thanksgiving with my sister, due to the corona virus.  I'll just have to stay home and celebrate it on my own.

      In the morning I could watch the entire Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on television.  This year, the Parade will be a "virtual" presentation.  I'm not sure what that means.  Will they be showing video tapes of previous parades?

     As for Thanksgiving dinner.  That shouldn't be a problem.  I'm sure that the local Stop N Shop Supermarket will be selling prepackaged, frozen turkey dinners with all the trimmings.  I could get myself a package of turkey meat, stuffing, yams, some green vegetable, and cranberry sauce, along with a can of apple cider.  Then, except for the cider, I'll be able to have it all fully cooked in my microwave oven, in less than five minutes.  That's okay with me.  When it comes to food, I'm not at all fussy.

     Then I could sing, as I always do:

                                                 "Come ye thankful people come. 

                                                   Come and bring your harvest home.

                                                   All is safely gathered in..."

     So in spite of everything, we should still praise the Lord that we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving as best we can.

     Thank you Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.  

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Oh, dear. I wish you weren't spending the day alone. Is there a church serving dinner close to you that you might visit to eat? And yes, being thankful is most important. Will be interested to see how they do the parade. Can't imagine what it will look like.

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55 minutes ago, lynnmosher said:

Is there a church serving dinner close to you that you might visit to eat? 

     I'm going to check with the Church I've been attending, since I moved into this community, about a year and a half ago, and see what their plans are for Thanksgiving.   They just recently reopened for Sunday Worship.  

    In the Church I used to attend, before I move here, we always had a dinner two Sunday evenings before the holiday.  Then we had turkey along with all the trimmings.

    I called that "Thanksgiving Practice".  I think that's a good idea.  Thanksgiving dinner does need practice.

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43 minutes ago, yawarakai said:

I work on Thursdays so I will be at work on Thanksgiving.  They just changed my schedule so now on Thursdays and Fridays I work in the Apartment building in the hood in the evenings.

     It's possible that on Thanksgiving Thursday, one of the tenants in the Apartment building, may invite you into his or her apartment, to share Thanksgiving dinner with his or her family.

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