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The Homeschooled Webcomic-er

WriterMan, WriterMan

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I’m Landon, and I am in college but not of college. I’m a homeschooler, so all college dudes seem immature by comparison.


I’ve loved to write and draw comics my entire life. Writing is my strong suit, but I love the visual aspect that comics provide. 


I’m a cartoon connosuir and a Star Wars pacifist. I hate swearing with a burning passion because it makes no logical sense. (Part of why I’m here.) If you need recommendations for cartoons that are fun without being  juvenile, I would love to give you a list.


I’m really big on character development and emotion, but also comedy. I have a comic called Deforming on Webtoon, and it’s full of magic and emotions. I have huge plans for it, and the ending is gonna be a big payoff. Now I just need help building hype! Can’t wait for you to see it!



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