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Hello again, yes it has been a while. Life gets busy with me.  Still, in the back of my mind, I am working on my books.


I have my first book of cowboy poetry and short stories completed. It is in Microsoft Word format.  Now I am looking for software that will convert the book into the proper format for POD and possibly self-publish a set to sell.


1.  I need a good program that is idiot proof for me.

2. What are the advantages of POD vs publishing a 100 books at a time?

( I probably won't be able to get a publisher for my book as I recite my poetry at poetry gatherings and want to retain all my rights to my work and a publisher won't allow me to recite my work if I go with a publisher.)


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I'm not sure about a publisher not allowing you to recite. There are book readings all the time.


Here's an article for POD companies. Amazon no longer has CreateSpace. It is not Kindle something. My headache is derailing my thinking. If you use them, the instructions are there for you to follow. As any other site will do. You do not need a program to do that. There are some people you can hire to upload your book for you. I wish I knew some names but I don't. Hope this helps. :D

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If you submit to a publishing house, you do not need any sort of software.


If you publish through a vanity publisher where you pay them to print books and you buy a box of  books to sell on your own, you do not need software. You basically pay them and they do it all and then send you a box.


If you self-publish via Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you do not need any sort of software other than Word doc because you can use Word to save the file as a pdf and then upload onto their platform with that. You can also create a book cover, using their platform--you do not need software for that either. A kindle book through them is even simpler. 


Other POD places have different requirements. Ingram Sparks also has a platform you can use, although they also have a cost to use it. That said, with Ingram, you can then make your books available at other locations than just on Amazon.


You have many options.

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Kindle has a beta version of a add in that will set your MS up, if you follow the correct steps for both ebook and print. It does mess with Word a bit, freezes momentarily so back up frequently. 


You can also save as PDF from word and submit, which I recommend. 


You can buy as many authors copies as you want, just maybe not in one shot.


I used Calabre and it is good for ebook conversion and its free.



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