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Do you backup your website?

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We discussed backups for websites quite sometime ago. So I thought we ought to do it again. Especially since @suspensewriter has encountered the daunting task of redoing all his site as they were infected. And so were his backups.


Carolina asked if backing up to the cloud was safe. I believe it is. And I believe some servers use the cloud. But I could be wrong. So I'm hoping Rebecca will jump in on this conversation.


Now, SW's server handles his backups. (SW, jump in if I'm wrong.) When you have a dedicated server for your own domain, they handle backups and a host of other things.


If you have your site on something like Wordpress.com, which is the freebie side, you can now do backups. If you didn't know you could do this, you need to read this article. You should always have a backup and should be done frequently. Especially if you make any changes to your site.


Okay. Now. Anyone with more knowledge on this, please jump in. :D


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11 hours ago, zx1ninja said:

Don't be afraid of having more than 1 backup. Sometimes they fail too.


Agreed. While I don't have a website to back up, at work I backup our Quickbooks database daily, and in more than one place off-site. The off-site aspect of this covers more than just infections, but if something occurs to the physical location (fire, theft, etc.).




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From Wix:


Currently, it is not possible to back up your site externally. Wix is committed to ensuring the safety of your site, and we have created the Site History feature, which automatically creates site revisions every time you save or publish. This means that you can go back to a previous version of your site any time you want. 


You can also duplicate your site at any time to create a manual backup in your Wix account. Be aware that the duplicated site is not automatically updated when your update your original site.

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